ThreadSafe: Static Analysis for Java Concurrency

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ThreadSafe is the leading static analysis tool for finding and diagnosing dangerous concurrency bugs in Java code.

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ThreadSafe now supports Java 8 and SonarQube 5, and copes with even larger projects. Get a free 2-week trial of the full functionality of ThreadSafe Solo. Read moreā€¦

Issues around concurrency and multithreading are the worst bugs software can have. They tend to be intermittent and so can only be detected by chance during testing. The effect of such defects can be disastrous: deadlocks can result in the system hanging, race conditions can drastically alter important data values without reporting any error. Concurrency bugs are a leading cause of security vulnerabilities in software.

With ThreadSafe you can detect and correct mistakes at design time. By focusing exclusively on concurrency bugs you’ll see far fewer false positives than with other static analyzers.

Identify the hardest to find bugs in complex code

Reduce risk of customers encountering severe concurrency bugs

Reduce time spent testing and debugging

Better code by encouraging best practice

Simple to setup and use, no complex configuration necessary

Clear presentation of bug details makes debugging easy

Maintain well written code by preventing others from introducing bugs

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