About Us

Contemplate Ltd is a leading edge software technology company that helps companies to identify and avoid expensive, high profile and hugely embarrassing software failures in concurrent applications running in complex environments. Our products are based on cutting-edge academic research and have been tested within major investment banking organisations.

The US National Institute of Standards has estimated that software defects cost the US economy $60 billion annually. A high-profile software failure cost a leading investment company $217m damages and a $25m SEC fine in 2011, and a major software failure in 2012 cost Knight Capital $457m. The technical problems with the IPO for Facebook on NASDAQ have been widely reported to have been caused by a concurrency issue, leading to a reported set-aside of $62m for damages claims. Industry commentators suggest that leading banks lost hundreds of millions of dollars because of this failure. These are just a few of the recent cases.

Contemplate’s innovative products address these concurrency issues and ensure accuracy of information and transactions, availability of service, security and ongoing performance that is so important to large organisations and their customers.