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What people are saying about ThreadSafe

ThreadSafe helps us to reduce the risk of application failure and the cost of future technical support.

Keith Kriewall, Attachmate

Thanks to ThreadSafe we have been able to easily remove some of the most serious risks in our key trading application.

Executive Director, Top-10 Investment Bank

ThreadSafe doesn’t just find the problem areas, it also explains them in a simple and understandable way. Just excellent.

Anders Håål, lead developer in the Bischeck open source project

ThreadSafe didn’t have any false positives and found a tricky bug. This was an amazing result. I wasn’t expecting it.

Jonas Abreu, Adaptideas and

Having a tool that helps programmers, particularly junior ones, write concurrent code more safely, and also suggests ‘best practices’ when they fail to follow them, is really valuable.

Emiliano Capoccia, Capgemini

A concurrent application with a race condition is like a time bomb in your organization waiting to explode.

Paul Rubens,

Reproducing a concurrency bug is like spitting at a lamp-post from a speeding car.

Using ThreadSafe can considerably decrease the risk of wrong implementations of concurrency.

Ivan Senic, in NovaTec blog

Threading errors can be incredibly subtle and expensive to correct. The ability of ThreadSafe to find and clearly explain them is highly valuable.

Keith Kriewall, Attachmate

I was surprised by how fast ThreadSafe is. I’d expected something like Java PathFinder that takes almost infinite time to run.

Jonas Abreu, Adaptideas and

We always lacked the tools for analyzing our implementation from a threading and concurrency perspective. Thanks to ThreadSafe we have now got the missing piece in the puzzle.

Anders Håål, lead developer in the Bischeck open source project

Correct usage of concurrency is fundamental for high-performance applications … the guys from Contemplate did a great job.

Ivan Senic, in NovaTec blog

In a few seconds ThreadSafe spotted a known bug which had taken me hours to track down.

Jonas Abreu, Adaptideas and

Every single race, poor sync etc. in the code turns out to be a nightmare in terms of time lost — nights lost, to be more specific. For the customers it is a massive cost.

Emiliano Capoccia, Capgemini

ThreadSafe found coding errors which we couldn’t spot either by code review or by using other analysis tools.

Keith Kriewall, Attachmate

ThreadSafe is used in more than 80 countries

Map of ThreadSafe customers