Contemplate and GrammaTech Announce Partnership

State-of-the-Art Concurrency Error Detection to be Integrated with Market Leading Static Analysis Solution

Edinburgh, 14 October 2013

Contemplate Ltd announced today a technology partnership agreement with GrammaTech, Inc. which will lead to the integration of ThreadSafe and CodeSonar, dramatically improving developers’ ability to detect data race errors in Java source code.

Specifically architected for analysing complex concurrent systems, ThreadSafe identifies and explains the most difficult to find programming errors in multi-threaded Java code.

The venture with GrammaTech, includes the integration of ThreadSafe with CodeSonar, GrammaTech’s leading static analysis solution. The results of these sophisticated analyses will be delivered to developers via the CodeSonar browser. ThreadSafe’s analysis will enable users of CodeSonar to detect errors related to:

  • Data races
  • Atomicity violations
  • Deadlocks
  • Misunderstanding or misuse of the java.util.concurrent library

The combination of ThreadSafe and CodeSonar means now software teams can more effectively prevent the unpredictable and incorrect results these errors cause. This is a significant advancement in ensuring greater source code quality and safety because these defects can lead to costly failures, similar to the one that plagued the Nasdaq-OMX Facebook IPO.

According to Paul Anderson, Vice President of Engineering for GrammaTech, “The intermittent nature of these types of errors allows the underlying faults to survive the use of traditional pre-production software testing techniques. And this, in turn, can lead to failure in production code even after a period of successful operation. That’s precisely why we are excited that our products will work together to make Java-based software so much better.”

Derick James, Chief Executive Officer at Contemplate, commented: “Our solution is recognised as delivering genuine benefits to the customer – identifying real risks in clients’ multi-threaded applications, risks which lay undetected and have the potential to cause catastrophic application failure. Contemplate has chosen to partner with GrammaTech on Threadsafe because of their reputation for engineering excellence and extensive experience detecting concurrency issues in other major programming languages.”

ThreadSafe will be offered as a plug-in to GrammaTech’s leading static analysis product, CodeSonar. Companies interested in learning more about Contemplate’s ThreadSafe static analysis product for multi-threaded Java can visit

About GrammaTech

GrammaTech is the leading developer of software-assurance tools and advanced cyber-security solutions. Originally founded at Cornell University, GrammaTech’s headquarters are in Ithaca, NY, with regional offices in Madison, WI and Davis, CA. Its software analysis experts create technologies that enable developers around the world to make software that is secure and of the highest quality. (

About Contemplate

Contemplate is a leading edge software technology company that helps companies to identify and avoid expensive, high profile and hugely embarrassing software failures in concurrent applications running in complex environments. Its products are based on cutting-edge academic research and have been tested within major global organisations. Contemplate’s innovative products address subtle and difficult to find concurrency issues and ensure accuracy of information and transactions, availability of service, security and on-going performance that is so important to large organisations and their customers.