ThreadSafe 1.3 released: now available to all Java developers

Edinburgh, UK – March 28, 2014 – Contemplate Ltd today introduced the latest version of its flagship product ThreadSafe, the leading software developer tool for finding and diagnosing dangerous concurrency defects in Java applications. Previously ThreadSafe was limited to developers using the Eclipse IDE or SonarQube platforms. This release marks a breakthrough, with a new standalone command line tool bringing the benefits of ThreadSafe to all developers irrespective of IDE and making it possible to integrate ThreadSafe to facilitate automated testing of code on build servers.

ThreadSafe is a static analysis tool for finding concurrency defects in Java software. Concurrent programs can have several computations taking place at a time, potentially interacting with each other and sharing resources. Concurrency bugs can be complicated and relate to the interaction between several areas of code. In ThreadSafe the developer sees a list of the places that contribute to the bug arising, with a description of how these combine to cause a problem. By using static analysis, ThreadSafe is able to detect bugs in code early during the design phase – saving time on testing. Such issues can be very hard to detect in testing, requiring rare circumstances to coincide to expose a fault. When concurrency defects do arise they can result in anything from serious data corruption to systems freezing.

“There are now multiple ways for developers to use the results of ThreadSafe’s deep analysis of concurrent Java programs – whether it’s in the Eclipse IDE, via the web browser, or as an automated part of the build process,” says Robert Atkey, Contemplate’s Lead Analysis Architect. “These new features mean that ThreadSafe can become an integral part of any Java developer’s workflow, helping them to rapidly deliver reliable software that makes effective use of concurrency.”

A sample output from the command line tool is available to view here. This was generated from an analysis of Apache JMeter, an open source performance testing tool. The output is interactive and by selecting the bugs in the tree at the left you can view further details and see the affected code. Some of the bugs ThreadSafe finds in JMeter are explained in this recent InfoQ article.

There have also been substantial improvements to the underlying analysis engine, resulting in a significant performance gain and better bug detecting capabilities in ThreadSafe. This allows for some new bug types to be detected and more accurate detection of existing ones, which makes staying thread safe even easier!

About Contemplate

Contemplate Ltd helps companies to identify and avoid expensive, high profile and hugely embarrassing software failures in concurrent applications running in complex environments. Contemplate’s products are based on cutting-edge academic research and have been tested within major investment banking organisations who have experienced serious concurrency problems. These innovative products address concurrency issues to ensure accuracy of information and transactions, availability of service, security and ongoing performance that is so important to large organisations and their customers.


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