ThreadSafe 1.3.2 released

ThreadSafe 1.3.2 is now available. This release includes performance, compatibility and stability improvements.

A free two-week trial of ThreadSafe Solo is available, which allows access to the full functionality of ThreadSafe for Eclipse and the ThreadSafe Command Line Interface.

See the About ThreadSafe section below for a full list of the available software packages and licenses.

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What’s new in ThreadSafe 1.3.2?

In a nutshell, ThreadSafe 1.3.2 provides:

Faster analysis

ThreadSafe 1.3.2 analyses code faster than previous versions. In testing, we have found it is typically about 20% faster for a given project than previous versions.

The exact improvement varies by project and the amount of available memory, but the improvement on a sample of projects is shown below.

Project Speed improvement
OpenCMS 58%
MegaMek 48%
JEdit 37%
MapDB 24%
Apache JMeter 7%

On 64-bit editions of Windows, ThreadSafe now uses a 64-bit native binary instead of a 32-bit binary for better performance on these systems.

Support for larger projects

ThreadSafe 1.3.2 uses significantly less memory than previous versions. This allows even very large projects to be analysed.

By using a 64-bit binary, ThreadSafe can now use more than 2GB of RAM on 64-bit editions of Windows – if it really needs it. But since ThreadSafe now uses memory more efficiently, very few projects will need more than 2GB for analysis. ThreadSafe already includes 64-bit binaries for OS X and Linux.

Improved support for legacy Java versions

This release includes improved support for bytecode produced by legacy compilers and many other fixes. The support for the JSR/RET bytecode instructions which are used when targeting Java 6 or earlier has been rewritten to provide more precise analysis when analysing code containing these instructions.

About ThreadSafe

ThreadSafe is a static analysis tool for finding concurrency bugs and potential performance issues in Java programs.

ThreadSafe is available in three different packages:

ThreadSafe is available via different licensing options: ThreadSafe Solo, ThreadSafe for SonarQube and ThreadSafe Enterprise. Free trials are available for ThreadSafe Solo.

ThreadSafe Solo licenses can be used with ThreadSafe for Eclipse and the ThreadSafe Command Line Interface, which are available as separate downloads.

A ThreadSafe Enterprise package includes multiple licenses for ThreadSafe for Eclipse and the ThreadSafe Command Line Interface, plus ThreadSafe for SonarQube to allow your team to see and track issues reported by ThreadSafe. It also includes enhanced, priority support.