ThreadSafe for Eclipse

ThreadSafe is available as a plug-in for the Eclipse IDE. Developers can find and explore issues within the IDE, where bugs are easiest to investigate and fix.

The plug-in includes ThreadSafe analyses and their documentation, and provides rich information about the issues found, such as relevant locations and locks held.

  • Easy installation: Install ThreadSafe from an Update Site
  • No configuration required: uses existing project sources, class files and libraries
  • Prioritize and fix bugs according to their severity
  • Access to all IDE features helps you investigate bugs efficiently
  • Rich information about findings including relevant guards and locks
  • Rule documentation via the Eclipse help system including suggested fixes

Watch a screencast

Demo part 1
ThreadSafe Eclipse Demo, part 1
Demo part 2
ThreadSafe Eclipse Demo, part 2
ThreadSafe for Eclipse Demo, part 1
This video shows ThreadSafe for Eclipse being used to find concurrency bugs in Jetty: a web server with support for Java Servlets.
The bug discussed in this video was reported to the developers and fixed.
ThreadSafe for Eclipse Demo, part 2
This video continues our investigation into Jetty, and uses the guard inference feature in ThreadSafe to diagnose a different, and more complex bug.
This bug was also reported to the developers and fixed.


ThreadSafe view