“ A concurrent application with a race condition is like a time bomb in your organization waiting to explode.”   Read more »

Paul Rubens, CIO.com

Using ThreadSafe

Sample interactive output for ThreadSafe

This is output from ThreadSafe for Command Line. It was generated from an analysis of Apache JMeter. The output is interactive and by selecting the bugs in the tree at the left you can view further details and see the affected code.

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In depth look at using ThreadSafe

An in-depth demonstration of the use of ThreadSafe for analysing and fixing concurrent code using the Eclipse plugin, explaining some of the technology underlying ThreadSafe’s advanced static analysis.

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Demo Videos

Introducing ThreadSafe
Introducing Contemplate ThreadSafe
This introduction to ThreadSafe highlights the key features of ThreadSafe for Eclipse and ThreadSafe for SonarQube.
Demo part 1
ThreadSafe Eclipse Demo, part 1
ThreadSafe for Eclipse Demo, part 1
This video shows ThreadSafe for Eclipse being used to find concurrency bugs in Jetty: a web server with support for Java Servlets.
The bug discussed in this video was reported to the developers and fixed.
Demo part 2
ThreadSafe Eclipse Demo, part 2
ThreadSafe for Eclipse Demo, part 2
This video continues our investigation into Jetty, and uses the guard inference feature in ThreadSafe to diagnose a different, and more complex bug.
This bug was also reported to the developers and fixed.